Discover Bibione

11 km of soft golden sand with a width of 400 meters, which slopes gently towards the blue sea ... this is the beach of Bibione!

Perfect for sunbathing, thanks to its orientation towards the Zenith, and also excellent for family fun. Here children have space to play with the sand both under the umbrella and on the shore in complete safety.

The beach is full of services: from miniclubs for children to sports entertainment for adults, from playgrounds on the sand to restaurants and bars for a lunch or a refreshing break.

Bibione is not only a beach, but also a beautiful city to be discovered.



A long and wide beach of soft and golden sand welcomes you for unforgettable days of idleness under the umbrella or pure fun between events and entertainment. Oriented towards Zenith, it is constantly exposed to the sun from morning until evening. The beach of Bibione is also very popular with families as the seabed slopes gently and is therefore safe for children who can play on the shore and learn to swim in peace. For several years Bibione has been FEE Blue Flag for beaches and tourist landings, it was the first European destination to have obtained Environmental Registration in 2002 and is also Green Flag, an award assigned to child-friendly beaches.


Discover the hidden corners of Bibione by bike with the whole family. This is the goal of the large and articulated network of cycle paths that run throughout the city to the surrounding villages and countryside. Over 20 km of cycle paths, many of which can also be traveled by children and also in the evening thanks to good lighting. The best known is certainly the Adriatic promenade which extends for 8 km facing the sea, from the west to the Bibione lighthouse. Very suggestive in the evening, it is also suitable for children thanks to the absence of cars. In addition to this, there are many other cycle paths surrounded by nature with asphalted sections and dirt sections, such as the track that runs along the Tagliamento River or the one inside Vallevecchia. Do not forget the X-River boat pass: the connection between the beach of Bibione and that of Lignano Sabbiadoro through the Tagliamento River. From the Bibione lighthouse you can get on the boat with your bike and land on the beach of the Friulian seaside resort.


The center of Bibione offers a large number of shops and clubs open during the day until late in the evening. Near the seafront, throughout the summer the center of Bibione becomes pedestrianized during the evening hours, thus allowing tourists to walk in complete tranquility and safety. You can dine in one of the many excellent restaurants or enjoy a pizza, and then go shopping in the trendy shops. Between one ice cream and the next, children can have fun in the amusement arcades or you can rent a rickshaw and go for a ride all together.


Recently renovated, the lighthouse is located on the eastern tip of Bibione near the mouth of the Tagliamento River. The area can only be reached on foot or by bicycle, precisely to keep the natural value intact. Here, in fact, different biotopes coexist. Thanks to the proximity to the Tagliamento River, typical Mediterranean plants mix with alpine flora and orchids, witnesses of an environment in perfect balance. With a little luck, you can also see various animals such as fallow deer, squirrels, stone martens and stilts bird. In the little house next to the lighthouse there are exhibitions, conferences and various events open to the public. The lighthouse can also be visited inside according to the calendar established from year to year.


If one day you want to indulge in a relaxing massage, you can turn to Bibione Thermae. The spa of Bibione, immersed in the pine forest and close to the beach, are renowned for their spa and beauty treatments. Many of the spa therapies are affiliated with the National Health Service, while the spa offers well over 100 exclusive cosmetic products. In the wellness area you will find different types of saunas such as the bio sauna, as well as solarium, herbal baths and emotional showers. During the summer, many tourists take advantage of their holidays to spend a day in the indoor and outdoor pools among whirlpools, saunas and massages performed by expert staff for a moment of pure relaxation.